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Having a disengaged workforce brings huge risks. As well as productivity losses, disengagement also threatens effective collaboration and innovation.  Businesses may lose their best people and suffer losses in skills, productivity, reputation and incur recruitment and training costs.


But how do you find out if your employees are engaged with your business or not and what they really think?  A well constructed employee survey, professionally delivered and expertly analysed by Integra HR, will provide you with invaluable information which can be used to develop action plans to engage your workforce more fully. 


Integra HR are adept are conducting both qualitative and quantitative surveys to find out employee opinions on all sorts of topics.  Some of these may be specifically aimed at measuring engagement.  Others may be aimed at getting candid employee feedback about a project or initiative that the business has recently carried out, or plans to do.  We can be your impartial outside expert and can give reassurances about anonymity, integrity and confidentiality.

Helping you to keep your

finger on the pulse 

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