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Training and ensuring skills and abilities are kept up to date is one of the key factors that will enable employers to benefit from their engaged team.  Investment in training can result in benefits throughout a business as well as the bottom line performance.


Sometimes a business can benefit from having a structured approach to training.  For example, in manufacturing where a consistent quality product and minimal waste is needed, a structured training framework and process will:


  • highlight individual and team strengths and training needs

  • inform training plans so that they can be fitted around production demands

  • inform the right make up of teams to ensure availability and development of the right balance of people and skills at the right time

  • help give consistently high quality performance and efficient output


"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"


John Harvey

Integra HR can set up an appropriate training framework for your business to make consistent and effective provision of training easier and more cost effective.  Your framework can integrate seemlessly with induction of new starters.  We can develop competency frameworks for roles which can show training needs and progress.  They will also enable training to be recorded effectively to facilitate smooth operations and compliance with health and safety and quality assurance needs.


In addition we can also train you and your managers in training skills and techniques to equip you with the know how and confidence to train others well.

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