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Appraisal systems

“A goal without a plan is just a wish" Antoine de Saint Exupéry 

To maximize your chances of achieving your business's goals, it is crucial to ensure your team knows what these are and how important and valued their contribution is towards achieving them.  Having appraisal meetings are an effective and engaging way of aligning people with business goals and will  help to ensure your team does the right things at the right time. 


The word 'appraisal' can often result in sighs of exasperation and perceptions of huge amounts of time and effort being spent away from getting tasks done.  However, the majority of people in business will have informal conversations with their teams about how things are going, what their next priorities are and what support they may need to do them.  When stripped back to the 'nuts and bolts', appraisals are just another way of having these discussions, in a more thorough and well structured way.


Using a simple, well designed appraisal process will also:


  • manage expectations

  • create ownership and accountability

  • cultivate postive behaviours and relationships

  • help keep people on track

  • spot any areas where support may be needed before it becomes a problem or a source of stress

  • motivate and engage

  • make the best use of individual talents, abilities and aspirations

  • inform succession planning

  • support team working


Integra HR can design and introduce a simple appraisal system that will integrate with your business, making appraisals feel like a useful tool, that support your business to remain agile.


In addition we can also train you and your managers in appraisal skills and techniques to equip you with the know how and confidence to do them well.

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