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Managers' tool kit

"True leaders bring out your personal best.
They ignite your human potential John Paul Warren

Even in today's technological world, people are the fuel of any business. Igniting that fuel relies on a cocktail of ingredients, but great leadership skills are amongst one of the most powerful.


Did you know that UK businesses are missing out on £84bn a year because of poor quality people management (1).  In addition, almost half of employees have left a job because of a bad boss (2).


When an employee has shown good technical skills and abilities over time, it can be all too easy to assume that they will naturally be good at managing people too and give them people management responsibilities.  However, sometimes they may be completely out of their depth and if they are not trained, this can have significant negative effects on them, their team and the business. 


(1: Investors in People, 2015, 2: Approved Index, 2015)


At Integra HR we recognise that it can be difficult to make time for management development and training.  We offer a flexible approach to management training to make it easier to accommodate.  We can develop a complete bespoke training programme and deliver it over a number of weeks or months to fit with individual needs and business commitments, as well as enabling learning in 'bite size' pieces that can be practised between sessions.  Modules can include, to name a few:


  • understanding what a manager is

  • self awareness

  • time management

  • communication

  • motivation

  • developing others

  • HR tools: implemeting company policies and procedures, for example how to: recruit, induct, conduct disciplinaries, grievances and manage absence and performance


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